About the contract

Building on the successful 2015 conference, we were once again awarded the contract for Technical Partner for the Without Borders 2016 event; an annual Christian conference with 1,500 delegates attending over 7 days, organised by Ministries Without Borders.


The event was to be held at Newark Showground, where Showcase AVi would be required to transform one of their agricultural building into a conference venue to hold 1,200 delegates. We were tasked with beating the 2015 budget but delivering an different package within the environment.

Newark Showground had re-developed the agricultural building since the 2015 event, therefore there were some new challenges for us for loading and rigging.


With the new design of the event space, the smallest of adjustments influenced the technical design. The concrete floor was raised by 150mm which affected the limited roof space, the showground installed new improved skylights in 50% of the structure, whilst installing a new roof and to meet environmental planning solar panels were installed in 50% of the roof structure which had a dramatic effect on RF and weight loadings.

Undertaking a structural survey of the new roof system we ensured weight loading for flying trusses / line array / lighting and projection system were met and signed off by the venue and council events team.

Utilising the Showground’s newly acquired Panasonic 12K Laser projection we provided full 1080p HD resolution content and by strategically positioning 55” and 65” flown plasma screen we ensured all delegates could view the live HD camera relay and HD content.

To add an additional design to the 2015 event we built a custom 14m curved stage structure to all a great footprint whilst maintaining the maximum space possible for delegate seating. Utilising our newly acquired sound system we improved the audio coverage and depth of sound for the event.

The turnkey solution included rigging, lighting and audio solution within the conference arena, live audio relay to a crèche and production and green room areas. As per every Showcase project we provided full Project Management and Production support during the setup, live dates and de-rig.


The project was managed to ensure the tight timeline was adhered to, in order to ensure minimal costs to the client. We are pleased to say the installation was achieved on time and in budget.

We have since met with the client to discuss the 2017 event and have outlined an area we feel significant cost savings could be made.

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